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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We may be able to provide an answer directly from some of our current customer’s inquiries. From inquires on the sale and exchange of reconditioned OEM wheels to questions about factory wheel repair and custom rims resurfacing. Please check on the questions already posted below in anyone the following sections:

Are your wheels priced PER WHEEL or for the whole set?

All prices shown are PER WHEEL, unless otherwise stated with the word "SET" at the listing.

What kind of Warranty do you offer?

All our OEM Rims are extended a Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty. It guarantees the factory rim you’ll receive will fit the vehicle for which is intended, that will balance property and free of vibration. Should there be a structural problem with the product, just let us know within 15 days of receipt and we will exchange it for another one, no questions asked.

What is your Return Policy?

As large as this company is, we are still a family outfit very proud of our products and services. So in the event that there is anything wrong with your order, just let us know within 15 days of receipt to obtain a Return Authorization. We accept exchanges and returns for full refunds, according to each case or your needs. You may be liable for the shipping charges unless you received a entirely different product than the one ordered. In this case, we will cover the fees of our own mistake.

For more information, visit our Return Policy page.

What are Reconditioned wheels?

These are excellent take-off wheels from the original vehicles. Once we acquire them, they are inspected and tested for true roundness and balance properties. After approved, they are stripped, treated and their face is refinished to their original presentation so they would look like brand new.

Would the finish and color match my wheels?

Yes! If your other wheels still have their original factory finish. Keep in mind that the color wheel may vary a shade from yours because of the fact that it looks new in its presentation against your current weathered wheels, but the color tone matches your originals.

How do you match your color to the factory original?

We take the manufacturer’s color codes from the publications made to that fact (the same codes you have on that sticker at your vehicle’s door). We feed the code to a computerized multicolor mixer that mixes and produces the original shade of that color that the manufacturer has used.

Whatt do you do to the rims to offer them Like New?

We test all original wheels in case they need straightening or centering. All wheels undergo a surface preparation eliminating any imperfections. Next we machine or colorize and coat the face of the wheel and rim and apply a protective clear coating. Finally, we re-test after refinishing.

Where are these factory wheels from?

We purchase take-off factory wheels from our customers through a very successful rim exchange program, from distributors of OEM rims and car dealerships.  

Where these damaged wheels?

Cosmetic damage due to their natural use and wear, like curb rash, peels or strikes. We found that only 6.4% of the wheels received are out of round or may be bent in the inner drum. Being a very easy fix, the machines will take care of that problem in few minutes, before they are submitted to a very detail refinishing process. The result is a round, strong, newly resurfaced wheel that balances as intended. We do not accept cracked wheels. 

How do I know if my wheel can be repaired?

Well, it’s impossible to tell you without seeing the wheel. Cracks, bends, breaks, strikes, scratches, curb rash and most damage to your wheels can be repaired. Unfortunately structural damage, specially on the center of the wheel can’t be repaired enough to produce a safe wheel.

How long does it take to repair a wheel?

24 to 72 hours is the average turnaround time for wheel repairs. Please be aware that some special orders or uncommonly drastic repairs could take longer.

What type of wheels do you repair?

We repair almost any kind of alloy (aluminum) factory original or custom wheels. We also repair two-piece and 3-piece luxury custom rims.

How much does it cost to have my wheel repaired?

There is such a wide variety of wheel repairs that we manage the cost on a per case basis and prices vary with severity. We must see the wheel(s) before estimating the cost of repair.

Can you repair my custom wheel?

Yes, we repair any alloy factory original or custom aluminum wheels, but there is an extra charge for repairs on multiple-piece rims forged wheels or custom colors.

Can you remove the damaged wheel from my car if I drive to your location?

Of course! We will remove your damaged wheel from the car and install your spare for you. When the wheel repairs are finished we will install back your original wheel on the car.

Can you color match my wheels to the same color as my car?

Yes! We have a computerized paint mixing station that allows us to match any color.

Can you customize my wheels for a car show?

Of course! We can apply any color that you desire to the wheel. We can also do machined polish os a combination of machined/color.

I puntured the side of my rim with a rebar... please help!

No problem. First we will plug the puncture and test the wheel for air hold. Then we will refinish it for you

I have a chrome rim that's peeling, can you fix it?

IIt is likely that you have a wheel with a poor chrome application. We would need to submit the rim to a process of chemical peel to have it re-chromed.

I hit a pothole and now my steering wheel vibrates, Could the wheel be damaged?

Pot holes can cause severe damage to your wheels and suspension. The damage is not always visible, so it is best to let one of our technicians inspect your wheel for you.

I've bought some wheels from a friend but they need to be re-drilled to fit my car. Can you do it?

Yes, it’s a simple operation with a fairly quick turnaround.

Do you fix steel wheels?

Yes. Although most times is not cost effective to repair steel wheels.

Can you fix a 26" wheel?

We can fix any alloy wheel up to 26” in diameter.

Can you give me a wheel repair estimate over the phone?

No without seeing the extent of the damage in person. You can email us pictures of the wheel, but in order to quote you a fair price, we must have the wheel at the GREENWheels shop.

Do you recycle?

Yes, it's the sign of the times. We must be concerned about the world be leave to our children. We buy scrap wheels and tires for recycling. We also recycle our packing materials as much as possible, while ensuring the same quality packing. The only thing we use that is not recyclable is the packing tape, and we welcome ideas from anyone on a substitute with the same performance. In this way we feel we contribute to the global effort in some small manner.

Would you buy my old rims?

Yes, if you can send us a few pics of your factory original wheels, we will credit you from $15.00 to $25.00 per wheel (even more on exclusive model original wheels), after their arrival at our warehouse. Everything is depending on the model and condition of wheel reviewed on a per case basis.

Would you buy my scrap wheels?

Yes, we will pay you $10.00 per wheel for scrap wheels for recycling after their arrival at our warehouse.

What about my used tires, would you buy them?

We are always on the lookout for new ways to help with recycling and tires are no different. Today most states in the U.S. have strict rules and taxes on tire disposal and storage. We can take that problem away from you by showing us your used tires so that we can give you an estimate of purchase.


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