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We help our Dealers move more products profitably

If you sell cars, wheels or automotive services, we can help you!

Buy OEM Wheels at Wholesale Prices

We have long relationships with Wheel and Tire stores, Auto Body Shops, Car Dealerships, Used Car Sales and Insurance Companies throughout the United States, specially in the State of Texas. They appreciate our commitment to our collective success and the outstanding quality of our reconditioned wheels.

We are quite sure you are looking for the best possible price, quality and service combination to increase your business profitability. If we can help your operation with at least 20 OEM wheels per year, then this is a special deal just for you.

Download the RTW Dealer Application

Applying for dealers discount is easy, just download our dealer application form placed here, for your convenience, in Adobe PDF format. Complete and sign the form before faxing it to the number in the application. Within a few minutes we will notify you of your new Dealer Account. That’s it!


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Is Price king? With several pricing tiers available, our Wholesale Customers enjoy bulk discount benefits over our already low prices. The bigger the commitment, the better the discounts.


We recondition our wheels at one central location in Houston . In this way, we make sure the products are uniform in their presentation. We do not accept or work with cracked or deficient rims.


We are 100% mobile, so we are as far as your mobile phone or tablet. You can check stock, prices and orders even while on the yard or in front of your customer. We are always creating new tools for you.


We are the largest independent operation in the 3rd largest city in the US. Even so, we are still a family own company and relationships are extremely important to us. We will listen, learn and adapt to your needs.